State-of-the-art passive stereoscopic system for a big audience


Installed - ATLAS and CMS visit centers

Technologies Used

Digital signage media players
Polarized projection

Project Description

We have put together a 3D projection system which is already being used in two visit centers as well as in temporary external events. Our setup is able to project twice full HD video (3840 x 1080 pixels) - providing full HD for each eye. It is extremely reliable due to the use of synchronized digital signage boxes and is based on polarized projection which allows the usage of passive glasses, rendering it less fatiguing for the eyes as well as a more affordable option for large groups of visitors.
You can already check it in the ATLAS and CMS visit centers where movies produced by the experiments are shown.


System Design - João Bárcia | Installation and Maintenance - Guillaume Lacroix in collaboration with local teams