Fully immersive applications to enter the world of particle physics


Currently on display in Würzburg and Berlin, Germany
Riga, Latvia

Technologies Used

Unity 3D
Body tracking
Projector edge-blending

Project Description

How can we shorten the distance between complex scientific knowledge and wide public understanding? Concepts like “the influence of Higgs Field on matter” and “particle acceleration and collision” can lead to explanations which are quite often hard to understand and even harder to retain. By immersing the public in a fully interactive gaming experience, the LHC Interactive Tunnel manages to bridge the gap between science education, interactive media and information visualization, creating an entertaining and memorable tool for learning.



When entering the tunnel, the users are presented with two very high-definition projection surfaces – front and floor, as well as an audio system. Their body movements are captured by a set of four Kinect sensors. From here on the possibilities are endless. Firstly, a generic video player allows you to display pre-rendered content. In addition we have developed two new applications

In Higgnite, visitors can interact with a visualization of themselves immersed in two different universes – one in the presence of the Higgs Field and another without. Visitors become acquainted with the basic concept of the Higgs Field and what its effect is in particles with and without mass.

Proton Football invites visitors to play football with protons. This application allows us to explain how particles are accelerated and what happens when two protons collide. The harder you kick, the more energy in the collision and the more particles are produced

More applications are on the pipeline. The Tunnel was built having in mind ease-of-assembly and portability, rendering it perfect for traveling exhibitions.

The LHC Interactive Tunnel has been on public display at the following locations:


João Antunes Pequenão, João Bárcia, Thomas Becker, Henrique Carvalho, Charles-Henry Denarie, Daniel Dominguez, Guillaume Lacroix, Rolf Landua, Frederic Merlet, Jenny Rompa, Tarjei Malsnes