Meet the team

The team from left to right: Frederic Merlet, Charles-Henry Denarie, João Pequenão, Rolf Landua, Vincent Darras, Daniel Dominguez, Guillaume Lacroix, Jenny Rompa, João Bárcia, Tarjei S. Maalsnes, Arzur Torres, Oliver Keller (February 2015)

Ksenja Kusmin (not present in picture)

Former team members: Thomas Becker, Henrique Carvalho, Kevin Kessler, Ion Padilla

Our goal

The CERN MediaLab was created in mid-2011, under the umbrella of CERN's Education group.

The goal of the MediaLab is to convey the whole spectrum of CERN-related subjects in an attractive and inspiring way, using state-of-the-art interactive technologies.

Diverse backgrounds

The group combines a wide range of backgrounds, combining expertise in physics, mechanical and physics engineering, computer science, graphics, web design, and interactive 3D animations.

What we deliver

CERN Media Lab participates in:

  • Hardware Research and Development
  • Application Development
  • Content Production
  • Maintenance of existing exhibitions
  • Collaboration for new exhibitions