Bachelor thesis by Kevin Keßler



Technologies Used

Unity 3D

Project Description

Games are as old as mankind. Playing them is in the nature of man. It is a special form of interaction and communication that has evolved over time

Nowadays, the term game is more and more associated with digital or video games. During the past two decades, the video game industry grew to a giant economic sector that attracts and involves a countless number of people such as players and developers. Furthermore, it comprises a various amount of different game genres like first person shooters, role play games or puzzle games.

With the growth of the game industry, the demand for the fast delivery of new video games increases steadily. Thus, modern tools that support the development of games are needed. Usually, special software frameworks called Game Engines are used to accelerate the process of video game development. There are many different game engines from which each has its pros and cons for the creation of certain game types.

For a long time, video games were mainly produced to entertain players in order to make financial profit. Over the past twelve years, however, a wave of games that are used for purposes like education, information, or training have emerged. Those games are known as Serious Games because they are used in a more serious context than the entertainment ones.

There are various fields of application for such games. Besides private usage, serious games are applied to many different industries like defence, healthcare, or education. Institutions from the healthcare sector, for example, use them for rehabilitation of their patients or to train their staff. Educational and research institutions, such as universities or CERN, use serious games to explain and teach difficult subjects in a compelling way.


Kevin Keßler